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The Lynching of Billey Joe Johnson

On December 8, 2008 Billey Joe Johnson died by a 12 gauge shotgun discharge to the left side of his head. The death occurred in George County, a rural county in southern Mississippi USA.

The crime scene analysis shows Billey died not by suicide or accident (both officially promoted), but was the victim of homicide by multiple persons ( ).

Several years ago, ďjournalistsĒ with the independent news organization, RevealĖThe Center for Investigative Reporting, began an investigation of the death due to many of the Black residents of George county reporting to several of Revealís employees their suspicion that Billey was murdered. On May 6, 2019, I was asked by Revealís Jonathan Jones to examine the discovery in the case, which was provided several weeks later. On July 16, 2019, I was interviewed at my laboratory in Cardiff, California by Revealís Jones and Al Letson. I submitted a written report to Jones later that year. After the submission of the report, Reveal cut off contact. After a number of attempts, I managed to talk to Jonathan Jones two times in 2020 as to the status of my report to Reveal, but was put off by vague estimates as to when the case would be broadcasted. I submitted my final report to Reveal early 2021. The case will be presented to the American Academy of Forensic Sciences at the annual meeting February 2022.

Reveal presented the case in seven podcasts, October 16 through December 4, 2021. These podcasts avoided any discussion of the well-photographed homicide scene and my report, and falsely concluded Billey Joe Johnsonís death could not be proved as homicide (podcast 7). If Jonathan Jones and Al Letson actually had doubts about my work on this case, they could have easily and appropriately brought in other forensic scientists to evaluate my work (this is known as peer review). We could have had a Zoom or Webex discussion. The final Reveal podcast on December 4 was disgusting and appallingly condescending to the Johnson family. Reveal is a participant in the cover up of the murder of Billey Joe Johnson and those persons responsible are aiding and abetting the murderers. It is now obvious that Reveal is a white-supremacist, racist organization which is hiding its true identity by the façade of a nonbiased, nonracist news organization. It is curious that at least one of Revealís African-heritage employees knows full well what this organization is by participating in this podcast travesty.


















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